6 Steps to Start Your Low Carb Meal Prep

low carb meal prep

Are you ready to live the low-carb life? Is it daunting to think about incorporating low-carb into your active or busy lifestyle? Are you scared to fail with all of the tempting “white foods” like pasta, rice, sugar or bread? Here are some trouble-free meal prep ideas which are here to help you steer clear of dieting difficulties. We’ll touch on the best ideas for meal prepping for success. Let’s get started!

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Meal Prepping & Planning Ahead

Spending a little extra time planning and prepping your high-protein, low-carb meals for the week (or longer) makes it easier to accomplish your health goals. Setting aside the extra time to plan ahead really makes all the difference. Get your favorite low-carb recipes together and go from there. Make sure to include ingredients which include high protein, healthy fats and lots of veggies. They are designed to help you feel full longer.

Here Are Some Easy Steps to Get You Started

Choices, Choices . . .

Choose a selection of quick and easy low-carb recipes which excite you to help build a recipe base that motivates you to stay on track. You can use resources like Pinterest, search low-carb Facebook groups, or visit mainstream recipe websites like Delish or AllRecipes. When considering your meal choices, try to find ones which incorporate fresh, organic vegetables, meats, seafood, and eggs. Remember you can always substitute foods in recipes. Be creative.

Stay Organized and Make a List

Make a shopping list of the ingredients and quantities you need to prepare your food for the length of time you choose. Your list should include items such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, and healthy, nutrient-dense foods like avocados. Other great items are eggs, fish such as salmon, and most meats, even including jerky. If you don’t own some already, include quality containers with compartments on your list for your meals. You’ll need enough for the number of meals you are planning to prepare.

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How and Where to Shop

When shopping, make sure not to go to the supermarket on an empty stomach. You are more likely to buy items which don’t fit into your plan if you are hungry! Shop the perimeter of the grocery store first, where you find all of the fresh items. This will keep you away from a lot of the processed high carb foods. Farmers markets are a great place to find the freshest ingredients for healthy and flavorful food.

Let’s Get Prepping

Now that you have everything you need, go ahead and get started. Look at your ingredients and work through each meal, prepping them like an assembly line. If you are making two different recipes which both call for the same ingredient, prep them both at once. This will be more efficient and make your life easier in the long run.

Take it Step By Step

Follow your favorite low-carb, Pinterest-worthy recipe step by step. Make sure to check your ingredient measurements and increase the amounts accordingly for the week. When ready, assemble each container with the correct portion size of each finished dish and store in your fridge for the week. This makes everything super easy.

Channel Your Inner Chef

Always remember to keep it fresh and change up your recipes each week so you won’t get bored. Even if you make a similar meal, use different herbs and spices to make it new and fun. Variety is a big key to success in any diet or lifestyle plan. Low-carb doesn’t have to taste bad or be plain. Be your own chef! There are many unique and innovative ways to prepare foods, and eating low carb is no exception.

This post was guest written by Stefanie Resciniti. Stefanie is a graphic designer and marketing professional with a passion for learning, traveling and trying new things. She is excited about any opportunity to inspire creative content.

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