British Open Pub in Venice, FL


Thanks to a little extra birthday cash coming in, (I LOVE my birthday month!) hubby and I were instructed to go have a date night at a restaurant in Venice.

Date Night Means Kid Free!

My wonderful mother picked up our little princess, and after driving around, decided to take the advice given to us and try British Open Pub.

We walked in and the restaurant was almost empty, which honestly, is what we prefer. Our waitress was super sweet, I believe her name was Katy, and we also had Bruce, who I believe was the manager, check in with us several times as well.

We ordered the Crab Rolls to start, which had a flaky pastry outside with a rich cream cheese, crab and chive center. It was served with a creamy sauce that had a bit of a kick which paired nicely. We both agreed that for a $8.99 appetizer, we would rather see 6 shorter sticks on the plate than 4 long ones to increase the appearance of value, but that’s just a plating opinion.


I love a good Reuben and chose that as my entree, opting for Turkey instead of corned beef. The rye bread was delicious, but I prefer a bit harder of a toast, although that did not take away from the flavor. I love that it was served with crispy steak fries and that there was malt vinegar on the table. (Reminds me of summers down on the Jersey shore lol) The sandwich itself was so packed with meat, I opted to take half of it home for lunch tomorrow!


Hubby decided since it was the British Open Pub, he would go for the Bangers and Mash. The sausage was great, with a smokey flavor that he couldn’t pinpoint but loved. Gravy was rich and the red potato mash had a delicious texture stood up well with the gravy and sausage. He enjoyed it a lot!‚Äč Service was fast and friendly, especially for late on a Saturday night. We truly appreciated it.

Can’t wait to see the next restaurant in Venice we get to try for my birthday food tour!!

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