Darrell’s Restaurant in Venice

We went back in to Darrell’s, because how could we stay away, and I grabbed a bunch of photos for my lovely readers! Check them out in the bottom of the post, especially that Brisket Loaded Baked Potato with the Blue Cheese Crumble topping!!

I love having family from out of town and showing off the amazing food we have in this area! No photos from this trip, we were hungry and too busy catching up with the family and forgot! Forgive me? 

We were the first table in at Darrell’s Restaurant today for lunch. Delicious plates of food all across the board. Starting off with the pork rinds and down on the keys mac and cheese… my cousin’s boyfriend is a massive foodie, and just started ordering a bunch of different things to try and his smile just kept getting bigger.

His favorite aspect was the homemade dressings and sauces, mixed with the fall apart tender bbq meats on his Andy Dandy platter and he said the baked beans were the best he’s had in a very long time. He also commented about how he loved that the owner was obviously so passionate about his business, it really influences the atmosphere of the restaurant.

My cousin tried fried okra for the first time and found it “interesting” but liked it, collard greens, fried chicken and the mashed potatoes, loved every bite and really enjoyed the cornbread. We added on an order of “Pig Wings” which are like little pork lollipops of happiness. Juicy and tender with just the right amount of sauce, it’s easy dive right in.

It’s never a bad meal at Darrell’s. When you can get there early and get parking right up front, that’s even better.

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