Prime Pantry – Maximize Your Savings!

Amazon Prime Members have a benefit that many may not be aware of. Prime Pantry is a great way to have grocery essentials delivered to your home. There are a lot of items that are very expensive and not worth the expense, but there are definitely deals to be had. In order to get the most out of your box, you need to shop smarter. Luckily, you have help!

The best way to use Prime Pantry is to compound your savings by using methods that are already in place thanks to bundles, monthly membership and free shipping promotions. The best part about this program is the items are delivered to your front door! Avoid the long lines, shopping the stores, loading and unloading a car… and still get great deals.

Start by signing up for a free trial of Prime Pantry

Then hunt through the deals located on the Buy 5 and Save $6:

View the full list of items Prime Pantry items by clicking here –>

I found quite a few items under $3 which I listed below. Keep in mind that items and availability can vary based on your location.

Once you have 5 items in your cart over $10, proceed to check out. If you chose items under $3 each, your total will be around $15 with a discount of $6. Meaning you’ll get it all for a crazy good discount!

If you want to bulk up your savings, check out the are on Prime Pantry for their coupon deals as well here –>

What savings did you find?

In addition, our family loves using coupons to save money on every day items. Check out one of our local coupon adventures. This blog shows you to see how we save money by using printable coupons and newspaper inserts! We love finding ways to combine with weekly ads to maximize our grocery budget.

6 Uses For Your Coffee Grinder

Living with a smaller kitchen and limited countertops, I need to make the most of the space I have. When it comes to making a lot of recipe, I have several appliances and gadgets that make storage a breeze and work in multiple ways. One of the unexpected treasures is my Silva Coffee Grinder.

One of the ultimate reasons I love this is the convenience of using a coffee grinder for quick tasks and simple clean up. Because of it’s size, it is easy to store in a drawer, take it out for whatever task is at hand, wipe it out with a small cloth and put it back in the drawer until I need it again.

Here are 6 different uses for your coffee grinder that you probably never thought of!

Obviously, the first use is to grind fresh roasted coffee beans. You will be amazed at how amazing your coffee tastes when you grind the beans fresh!

When you buy whole spices, you can usually save some money, so there is always that bonus. Also, the aromatic nature and flavor profile is so much more intense when you freshly grind your spices before you use them. Punch up the flavors in your food!

Just like with spices, imagine the money you can save! Instead of buying a can of breadcrumbs, use leftover bread you have lying around and simply grind your own! Tear small pieces and place it int he grinder for the best outcome.

Are you noticing a trend yet? Yes! Buy whole nuts and seeds and grind them yourself! Just keep in mind that for softer nuts like pecans, peanuts or walnuts, if you grind for too long, you will make a nut butter(unless that’s what you are going for!). 

Fresh chocolate, coconut, fruit peels… grind them up and add them to desserts or to a dish you are making!

Dried flowers and spices can make great aromatic satchels of potpourri. Add them in small batches to your grinder to create your own scents!

What is your favorite way to use your coffee grinder? Are there other appliances in your kitchen you use in unexpected ways?