LocalFlavor.com Needs Your Votes!

If your family is anything like ours, you are looking to save money in every aspect of life and LocalFlavor.com is a great resource to do just that! With so many families living paycheck to paycheck, using coupons and deals are more popular than ever before. Now with the latest promotion to find the best places in our area, you could win $300 in site credit! (More on that later though…)

LocalFlavor.com Vote For Your Favorite Local Businesses

So, What Is LocalFlavor.com?

LocalFlavor is an online resource to save your family money on everything from dining out or salon services to home and auto services, retail products and more. The beauty of it is that they partner with the bigger sites like RetailMeNot and Groupon to offer the best deals for each local area.

How Does LocalFlavor.com Work?

It starts with local deals and coupons that are gathered by local people! In each market, someone who lives right in our area is responsible for finding these deals and bringing them right to your mailbox in the Clipper magazine or posting it online at LocalFlavor.com

The deals posted are usually 50% off that you would purchase in advance before visiting the restaurant or business. Depending on the type of certificate you buy, some can even be used as soon as you purchase it, while others are to be used the next business day.

Another way that you could save money is by using the coupons that are available on the website. These are the same coupons that are available in the Clipper magazine, but now you have them at your fingertips as they can be loaded while you are in the business you intend to use them in! The coupons are free to use for everyone! All you would need to do is sign up with your email address on LocalFlavor.com and activate the coupon you choose. Then you would either print the coupon or present it on your phone to the business.

Venice Foodies, Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Currently, here in our area, LocalFlavor.com wants to hear from YOU. The 2019 Readers’ Poll is open for you to vote for your favorite businesses right here in Venice, Nokomis and Osprey. With so many incredible restaurants in our area, LocalFlavor wants to know where YOU love to eat. As a bonus you could win $300 in credit to use towards any LocalFlavor deal certificate. With the deals averaging 50% off, this is easily $600 to use in our local restaurants, salons, home service and more. We love supporting local, small businesses and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The poll includes a wide range of categories across restaurants, entertainment, home services, personal services and automotive services. Each vote that you cast (you can vote multiple times) gives you an entry to win the $300 credit. The voting polls will be open until October 12, 2019. The winner will be announced on or about October 14, 2019. The results of the poll will be released in a special edition of the Clipper Magazine in December of 2019.

Click Here –> to VOTE on LocalFlavor.com NOW

Be sure to check out our Coupon page for other exclusive deals and coupons available for my Venice Foodies!

Free Coffee? Score a $5 Starbucks Giftcard!

What can be better than Free Coffee? Coffee is a magical drink that brings you to life each morning. If coffee isn’t your thing, there are also smoothies, various tea blends and more at this infamous coffeehouse. Yes, I’m talking about Starbucks and right now, you can get a $5 gift card for free! Simply head over to Raise.com and sign up! Then follow these steps below to get your hands on a free coffee in the form of a $5 gift card for Starbucks! (or you can use it to buy any gift card you choose!)

Get A Free Coffee by…

  • Signing up with a new account on Raise.
  • I would LOVE it if you would use my referral code:
  • Enter your mobile number, they will text you a code
  • Enter the code to verify your number. Once you verify, the $5 will be credited to your account
  • Search for “Starbucks” – sorting from low to high helps!
  • Look for a $5 card and hit “Buy Now” – Or pick any amount, you can save $5 on any gift card!
    • Tip: Click on cards under $25, then click twice on “Card Value” to sort the cards by lowest price first
  • Checkout!
  • The FREE $5 credit will come off automatically during checkout after you’ve entered your payment information
  • Final Price: FREE

*Pro Tip* If you are looking for a Low Carb Friendly Starbucks drink, I highly recommend an Americano with stevia, heavy cream and the sugar-free cinnamon dolce! (It’s my favorite drink!)

What’s your favorite drink at Starbucks?

Find more deals and coupons on our coupon page or learn how to save money on everyday purchases with Ibotta!

Coupons for Shopping at Kohl’s – March 2019!

Every month, Kohl’s offers sweet coupons and a deal for customers who use their Kohl’s credit card for purchases. These purchases get 30% off, $10 cash back for every $50 spent. This cash back program is called “Kohl’s cash”.

This month, Kohl’s cash can be earned from 3/22-2/31 and it can be redeemed 4/1-4/7. Kohl’s has their new monthly extra 30% off (online only) for their charge cardholders only – must have a Kohl’s Card At checkout.

Codes are valid through 3/31. If you haven’t applied for a Kohl’s credit card yet, you can click here to apply for one.


Being a work at home mom, I need to save money where ever I can. Kohl’s helps me get the things I need for my home and my family without paying an arm and a leg! Coupons are essential for maintaining our family budget and I love being able to share these deals with all of you!

Check out some of my favorite deals so far:

Lego DC Comics Kit for only $11.99

Bissell PowerClean Rewind Vacuum for only $89.99

Reversible Quilt Set for Twin/TwinXL, Queen or King for $49.99!

What deal did you end up finding?

I want to hear all about it!

Prime Pantry – Maximize Your Savings!

Amazon Prime Members have a benefit that many may not be aware of. Prime Pantry is a great way to have grocery essentials delivered to your home. There are a lot of items that are very expensive and not worth the expense, but there are definitely deals to be had. In order to get the most out of your box, you need to shop smarter. Luckily, you have help!

The best way to use Prime Pantry is to compound your savings by using methods that are already in place thanks to bundles, monthly membership and free shipping promotions. The best part about this program is the items are delivered to your front door! Avoid the long lines, shopping the stores, loading and unloading a car… and still get great deals.

Start by signing up for a free trial of Prime Pantry

Then hunt through the deals located on the Buy 5 and Save $6:

View the full list of items Prime Pantry items by clicking here –> https://amzn.to/2Oak1T7

I found quite a few items under $3 which I listed below. Keep in mind that items and availability can vary based on your location.

Once you have 5 items in your cart over $10, proceed to check out. If you chose items under $3 each, your total will be around $15 with a discount of $6. Meaning you’ll get it all for a crazy good discount!

If you want to bulk up your savings, check out the are on Prime Pantry for their coupon deals as well here –> https://amzn.to/2W40RBc

What savings did you find?

In addition, our family loves using coupons to save money on every day items. Check out one of our local coupon adventures. This blog shows you to see how we save money by using printable coupons and newspaper inserts! We love finding ways to combine with weekly ads to maximize our grocery budget.

Coupon Adventures at Publix in Venice

Coupon clipping is a necessity for families on a strict grocery budget!

This is how our “Crazy Coffee Drinking, Coupon Clipping Moms” club came to be. My local mom friends, including two of my best friends who live further away, meet at my home during the week and we share, clip and plan our coupons. Today’s meeting was very eventful and I felt compelled to share our experience with you all.

Photo grid depicting Alyssa and her two friends on their coupon shopping trip to Publix.

To start, let me say that couponing is not simple, it’s not easy and it can be downright frustrating. However, when you walk out of the store knowing you saved half off of your groceries to take care of your family, it feels really good.

We spent 5 hours this morning clipping coupons, matching the weekly ad at Publix and other stores to determine where the best deals were and what coupons we had to go along with it. We decided that Publix was going to be our maximum savings and went for it. With our lists and coupons in hand, we went off for our first big coupon adventure in Venice.

We searched the aisles, grabbed our coupon deals (which I will tell you all about below.) and made our way through the very crowded store. We were extremely disheartened to hear the comments being made around the three of us as we shopped.

Look how fat they are, must be why they are buying so many groceries!”

“That’s what’s wrong with this country, bet they are using food stamps too!”

Your comments linger longer than you think.

The stares, snickers and straight out rude comments made me cringe. First of all, between the three of us married women, there are 3 families with 6 children between us, that is a lot of mouths to feed!

Second of all, I have been fat my entire life, trust me, I know what my body shape is and what assumptions you make based off of that. My health issues are something I have dealt with for a long time and I do not need you or anyone else to remind me of that. My worth as a human being is not dictated by my body type.

Finally, what does it matter if someone is using benefits or not? We are three hard working parents. Regardless if all, one or none of us are receiving benefits, how much does that truly affect your life enough to make a backhanded remark in public about it? You don’t get to judge someone’s story based on the chapter you walked in on.

To the employees at the Venice Publix on Jacaranda and 41, those of you who were kind, respectful and even encouraging as we checked out today, I thank you. A manager, Kyle, went out of his way to address our concerns with how we were treated and I truly appreciated that.

Time to get off my soapbox and tell you about the coupon deals! I will be writing more about how to coupon to save more on your groceries. In addition, future posts will have various deals that I find while on our coupon adventures.

My Shopping Trip:

  • 2 bags of 50 ct Totino’s Pizza Rolls
  • 2 Atkins shrimp scampi meals
  • 2 packs ramen noodles
  • Small Slice of Brie Cheese
  • 4 large frozen pizzas
  • 4 boxes of Cheerios
  • 4 boxes Lucky Charms
  • 2 boxes Cascadian Farms Cereal
  • 2 bags Armour Meatballs
  • 2 bottles (2 Liter) of Pepsi Zero
  • 4 bags of Rana Raviolis
  • 4 containers Rana Alfredo sauce
  • 2 pints of Halo ice cream
  • 1 box honey buns
  • 4 cans of veggies
  • 4 bags of shredded cheese
  • 4 bags diced potatoes
  • 2 packs of hot dogs
  • 2 boxes animal crackers
  • 2 boxes beef broth
  • 8 cans chef boyardee
  • 2 boxes of little muffins
  • 4 jars of Bertolli pasta sauce
  • 1 box Kelloggs fruit snacks
  • 1 package of Italian deli meats
  • 3 – 12 packs of Pepsi cherry zero
  • 2 packages of Clairol Hair Color Root-Touchup

For a total out of pocket cost of $124!

As for my friends? They were able to get a 50% savings across the board on their trip which including diapers, pet food, groceries, cleaning supplies and household goods. After the five hours of work we put in planning, clipping, sorting and making coupon lists along with the 3 hours in the grocery store shopping saved us over half of our grocery bill.

If your family is on a budget, doesn’t it make sense to save as much as possible? I would say we did a great job!

Do you use coupons?
Why or Why Not?

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Are you a fan of the “Tasty” Blog?

If you are a foodie, or if you are an avid facebook user, chances are you have come across one of the many recipe videos from “Tasty”. These recipes feature awesome dishes that make even the most cautious cook interested in attempting something new. 

If by some chance you have not seen these videos, be sure to check them out on their facebook page.

One of my newest favorite recipes are these keto friendly snacks, Parmesan cheese crisps! I love how simple they are and I often will adapt recipes with different seasonings to suit whatever mood I may be in that day. My favorite seasoning blend with these would have to be Za’tar, a middle eastern spice blend that I simply adore.

Check out these awesome deals on Tasty gear! Now you can cook just like the Tasty cooks.
What recipes have you tried from Tasty?