Egg Your Yard

We are here to help bring some Easter magic back into this holiday and eliminate some of the stress you may have been feeling over this last year. We present the perfect Easter Bunny experience with Egg Your Yard!

What Is The Easter Bunny Delivery Service?

Egg Your Yard is the magic of the Easter Bunny combined with the convenience of a team delivering the goodies to you, taking the stress out of the holiday. Whether you choose to have the Bunny Basket for you to set up your own egg hunt the following morning, or if you choose the Egg Your Yard option, for us to hide them all for you!

We become the Easter Bunny, presenting you with two different options to choose the experience that best suits you and your family: The Egg Hunt Kit or the Egg Your Yard Experience. It’s as simple as selecting which egg drop kit would be the best fit for you! In short, the Egg Hunt Kit is everything you need for a DIY Egg Hunt while the Egg Your Yard is having us hide the eggs in the yard for your kids to find Easter morning! There are also little extras we can include for some extra Easter magic. 

What is included in the Egg Hunt Kit?

In our Egg Hunt Kit you will receive a personalized letter from the Easter Bunny along with filled Easter Eggs and 1 Jumbo Egg. Each egg will be filled with a variety of small toys, pencil toppers, stickers and tattoos. The box will be delivered to your home Saturday night, ready for you to set up your own indoor or outdoor egg hunt. You will be able to choose from 20, 50 or 100 eggs.

What is Egg Your Yard?

Easter Egg Delivery Service in Venice Florida

We become the Easter Bunny for you, hiding your choice of 20, 50 or 100 stuffed Easter Eggs and 1 Jumbo Egg. Eggs are filled with a variety of candy small toys, pencil toppers, stickers or tattoos. We will be starting to hide the eggs between 8 pm on Saturday evening and 7 am on Sunday morning. We will give you an estimated delivery time by Friday evening.

Where Will We Deliver?

We currently deliver to Sarasota County including Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, North Port and parts of Englewood. If you do not see your town, or if you are nearby these areas feel free to contact us to request a bunny and we’ll try to find the bunny closest to you. 

If need be, we can ship the Egg Hunt Kit anywhere in the US, however, there will be an added shipping charge.

Who Are Our Bunnies?

We are simply local families who want to spread the joy and magic of Easter. With so much happening around us, we want to be a positive influence in our community. 

We Only Have A Limited Number of Kits Available!

We strongly encourage you to get your order in as early as possible. We only have a limited amount of time for our Bunnies to get these delivered, so don’t wait until the last minute to get on the schedule! Once you place your order, you will have access to download a FREE coloring page with eggs, bunnies, and so much more.

We Bring The Egg Hunt Right To Your Door – Easter Bunny in a Box!
Prefilled Egg Kits to make Everything Easier!

Don’t Wait… Order Now!

Egg Your Yard Pricing in Sarasota Venice Florida

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