Food Assistance

A staggering number of people around the United States struggle with hunger. In many cases, it is the person you would least expect.

All Faith’s Food Banks reports that the local ALICE study, in 2016, found 46% of households in Florida could not afford basic needs such as housing, childcare, food, health care, and transportation.

Do You Need Food Assistance in Venice?

The Fact is: 37% of households in Sarasota County struggle to afford their basic needs in 2018.

There are a number of resources in Venice for food assistance, but the change in our community has to start with the people who live here.

Do you have a vegetable garden or a fruit tree?
Did you purchase too many groceries before a trip that will go to waste?

If you have extra food and want to share it with the community, you can join our group to find someone who needs it!

A beautiful display of produce with words written on it "Click Here to Join The Group "Feeding Our Neighbors". Have Extra? Don't Let it go to waste. #VeniceStrong

During The Coronavirus Shutdown: Meals For Students:

With school closing until at least March 30, leaving many students who rely on receiving breakfast and lunch at school to go without. Parents are scrambling to find resources and I’m determined to find all the resources I can to help.

Click Here to Read The Local Resources Providing Meals To Students During School Closures.

Ending Hunger

All Faith’s Food Bank is also a fantastic resource for those in need of food assistance with several locations throughout Sarasota county that include fresh produce, meats, dairy, breads and more.

In order to receive assistance, all you need to provide is a valid ID. You will fill out a form or two the first time you visit but after that, your information will remain on file. Many of these locations also have other items like clothing, hygiene items and household items as well. If financial assistance is needed for utilities, mortgage or rent assistance, bus passes, etc., some of these centers have the ability to either help you or refer you to someone who can.

You can also call 211 to reach United Way for a referral for these services.

To find your local 211, visit

Another great way to save on groceries and every day essentials is by using coupons! Check out our resource for them by clicking here.

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