Food Assistance

A staggering number of people around the United States struggle with hunger. In many cases, it is the person you would least expect. The impact this last year has had on our community has increased food insecurity in places you wouldn’t expect. With our area heavily relying on the tourism and restaurant industry, many were left without an income for a long time.

Do You Need Food Assistance in Venice?

There are a number of resources in Venice for food assistance, but the change in our community has to start with the people who live here.

Do you have a vegetable garden or a fruit tree?
Did you purchase too many groceries before a trip that will go to waste?

If you have extra food and want to share it with the community, you can join our group to find someone who needs it!

A beautiful display of produce with words written on it "Click Here to Join The Group "Feeding Our Neighbors". Have Extra? Don't Let it go to waste. #VeniceStrong

Gold Rush BBQ – Non-perishable Food Table

661 S Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34285

Located on the Island, Gold Rush BBQ has tables set up outside where you can come and take what you need, no questions asked. If you have extra non-perishable foods, you may also leave them for others as well! This community table of sharing has been a lifeline for so many in our community and we LOVE the giving spirit! For more information, contact Gold Rush (941) 483-3137.


After moving to Venice almost 2 years ago, we immediately saw what a kind and caring community it is, and we feel so lucky to be a part of it! We have been waiting for an opportunity for us to give back, and have found the inspiration we have been looking for. Starting Wednesday, Sofrito will have a board with meal tickets on it. Anyone who does not have the means of paying may come by and pick any ticket off the board and eat for free. No questions asked. We know times are tough, and we dont want anyone to go hungry! Anyone may come by and donate a meal to help out their fellow neighbors!

🧆🥤🥖Sofrito will donate the first 10 meals, and will also match ALL donations for the first week! Please consider coming by and helping feed our hungry. If you know someone who could use a hot meal, PLEASE send them our way! Food shouldn’t be a privilege, but a right💙❤🤍 Tina and Jorge from Sofrito Latin Street Food

💥💥💥 Edited- We have been asked to include our Venmo information for anyone who may wish to donate from afar. If this applies to you, donations can be sent through venmo to @SofritoLatinStreetFood (click on the business tab) Please put #neighborshelpingneighbors as the comment. We will then put a ticket/tickets on the board based on your donation. #payitforward

Ending Hunger

All Faith’s Food Bank is also a fantastic resource for those in need of food assistance with several locations throughout Sarasota county that include fresh produce, meats, dairy, breads and more.

In order to receive assistance, all you need to provide is a valid ID. You will fill out a form or two the first time you visit but after that, your information will remain on file. Many of these locations also have other items like clothing, hygiene items and household items as well. If financial assistance is needed for utilities, mortgage or rent assistance, bus passes, etc., some of these centers have the ability to either help you or refer you to someone who can.

You can also call 211 to reach United Way for a referral for these services.

To find your local 211, visit

Snack bags for kids

Monday – Thursday : 10AM – 6PM Friday – Saturday: 10AM- 5PM
Elsie Quirk Public Library
Fruitville Public Library
Gulf Gate Public Library
Frances T. Bourne Jacaranda Public Library
North Sarasota Public Library
North Port Public Library
Shannon Staub Public Library
Venice Public Library

Monday – Thursday: 10AM – 8PM Friday-Saturday: 10AM – 5PM
Selby Public Library

Why I Choose Aldi:

Since the start of the stay at home order, I’ve relied on grocery pickup or delivery services. As a diabetic with multiple autoimmune disorders and a daughter with asthma, this was important to me. In addition, I’ve learned that by buying my groceries online, I am less likely to have impulse buys that leads to me being over budget. I’ve found that with shopping at Aldi, there are certain items like milk, eggs, cheese and meat that are simply less expensive than at other stores! However, there are items that we are brand loyal to that Aldi does not carry and that’s when we use Walmart Grocery.

Why I Choose Walmart Grocery:

As I mentioned, there are certain products that Aldi does not carry. In that case, we order from Walmart grocery. We also have a Walmart+ membership that not only saves us the delivery fee for groceries, but also saves us money on gas, free shipping on items we buy online and if we were to shop in-store, there’s an app for you to scan your items as you’re shopping and check out!

Earn Cash Back on Groceries With Ibotta

Another way to stretch your grocery budget is by using Ibotta! Ibotta syncs with your Instacart and your Walmart Grocery app to find cash back offers on things you were already going to buy! I’ve been on this app since Thanksgiving… and I’ve already made over $200 in cash back. It gets deposited right into my paypal account. If you don’t have paypal, you can redeem your cashback into your bank account or as gift cards to different places like Amazon, Walmart, Jersey Mike’s, Lowes, etc.

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