Hashtag Pizza – Food Truck!

With a rising interest for food trucks in Venice, several have popped up over the past few months.

After seeing the posts about the new pizza truck in town, located at the corner of Shamrock and 41 in between Liberty Bank and Canton Chinese across from Checkers, we decided to break Keto to try it.. (For the blog and you guys, of course) and #worthit. These 3 ladies have quite the story to tell. Each of them come from pizza backgrounds, one from Chicago, one from Detroit and one from Long Island… combined they definitely have something special. They spent 8 months rebuilding this transport van, including using welding techniques to take the entire back off to fit a real pizza oven inside of it! This isn’t just your average food truck, this is somewhere you would see Guy Fieri hanging out on his days off.

We ordered a 10″ round of the #cheese and the #CajunShrimpandGuac, and I also took home a 32 oz container of their soup of the day which was a Tomato Basil… for about $28 and that included 3 cans of soda.

The crust of the pizza has that perfectly crisp crunch to it… with the #cheese having a great flavor in the sauce with a mixture of mozzarella, asiago and sharp white cheddar. The #CajunShrimp&Guac was the star of the show though. Perfectly cooked shrimp blended with a spicy kick of cajun seasoning, creamy guacamole, blue cheese crumbles, scallions and then that expert trio of mozzarella, asiago and sharp white cheddar.

The soup, perfect for a cold night. Just the right consistency and each bite has the right balance of tomato to basil. We opted to skip the cheese nuggs as we were already pushing our carbs, but I suspect they would be incredible with this soup!

In addition, they have a Pay-It-Forward program. Add $5 to your tab and someone who can’t afford a hot meal can walk up to to the truck and eat. These ladies have a heart of gold and are a welcome addition to Venice. Go say hello and tell them I sent you! You’ll be glad you did.

*Edited to add that while some of these options are no longer available, and their location can vary, there are some spectacular flavors that are worth tracking down.

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