10 Easy Recipes for Kids to Cook

When I first started to look at easy recipes for kids to teach my daughter, I thought about how my love of cooking started. It started at a young age watching my mother, father and grandparents cook. I was raised in a very loud, loving and stereotypical Italian family. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, grandparents… we all came together at the dinner table to listen to stories from the older generation and enjoy whatever dish was gracing the table.

Italian Family Dinner
My father, Forrest, showing off the table for a holiday meal in 1997.

Make Memories

Some of the best memories I have as a child involve the kitchen. Whether it was my grandfather making brunch for us on the weekends before watching the Wizard of Oz together, my grandmother baking sweet treats for family and friends, our large extended family sitting around the table at holidays or waking up in the early morning hours to smell my father making escarole and beans when he came home from work. It is important to me that my daughter has a similar upbringing that translates into a love of the kitchen.

Watching Food Network

From the time Elena was a little girl, we started watching Ree Drummond, “The Pioneer Woman” on the Food Network. We love creating her recipes and shopping at Walmart to find products that were featured on the show. Elena gets so excited when she sees the same tools Ree uses in our own kitchen. With so many adorable kitchen tools, appliances and home decor items, we are truly a fan of all the Pioneer Woman items.

Kids Cooking Classes in Venice

In addition, Shark Bites Deli offers kids cooking classes on Tuesday nights at 6 PM for only $10 per child. Every lesson incorporates two different healthy recipes (usually one savory, one sweet), some trivia and basic cooking techniques like slicing, mixing or measuring. Each child gets a cooking tool to bring home with them too!

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What Are Easy Recipes for Kids?

I’ve put together a wonderful list of recipes from other bloggers that are kid-friendly, fun and easy to make.

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